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Furniture restoration and conservation are an integral part of our business.

– Our knowledge of woods, veneers (palissandre, mahogany, ebony…) and the different types of wood finishes depending on the eras (tones, gum-lacquer varnish, copal…)

– Our know-how in the field of woodworking and traditional construction techniques

– The in-depth study of styles and furniture

All this knowledge allows us to restore your antique furniture while respecting the work of the cabinetmakers who made them.

Transplants, collages, hair, consolidation, cleaning, maintenance… we carry out all these steps with the aim of preserving and preserving as much as possible the authenticity of your furniture.(graft rather than replace a part, reversibility of our interventions in collages with the use of hot glues).

This piece of furniture that has a history, an emotional dimension, to have it restored, is to prolong its life, to pass it on to future generations with the history it carries.