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A desk full of contrasts, workspace or relaxation that could well inspire creativity. Art Deco-inspired, with fully rounded shapes, this desk allows you to work alone or face to face.

This creation is at the same time a nod to our craft, bringing together techniques specific to cabinetmaking: the work of veneer, the manufacture of molds lost for bending the legs.

Matter: French walnut plating on the exteriors, Sycamore plating ripped on the interiors, maple-sycamore.


The idea of this square table: timelessness.
A clean table, with contemporary lines, natural oak integrated into a Provençal house interior.
The tray opens in two parts in a synchronized way, moving from a table for 4/6 people to a table for 8/10 people.

Matter: Massive Burgundy oak wood


Essential for a convivial meal, the table can come in all its forms.
Contemporary, with clean lines, the choice of this table is the highlighting of the very particular veining of the ash-olive tree on the plateau, forming a decoration, enhanced by black granite stones from Zimbabwe.

Matter: Ash-olive wood, white ash for footing, black granite from Zimbabwe.


Commissioned by a client passionate about books and Directoire furniture, this library is fully integrated into an office room.
Made with traditional woodworking techniques,each decoration, raised in jump with grooves, diamond decoration applied, mouldings, recalls the furniture of the time.

Matter: Sycamore wood, wavy sycamore plating for diamond decorations, interiors of the lime wood library.


The original idea of this two-handed creation, selected for the exhibition Reg'art en Avignon,is duality.

Under its false air of weekly, this woodworking is in fact an office/secretary piece of furniture.
A door opens on either side of the furniture, you can work solo or in a duet thanks to its two fellers.
It is also the combination of two materials in contrasting colors and two styles (traditional on the outside, contemporary on the inside) hence its name: DUO

Matter: African mahogany, mahogany bramble veneer, interior in three maple folds, mahogany veneer inlay.


This creation, directly inspired by nature, was designed from two inverted walnut wood trays,assembled to each other by a macassar ebony-plated junction bringing an elegant and refined touch to the ensemble.

The curved base, made from a mould, is made of glued wood sheet.

Matter: French walnut wood, Macassar ebony veneer, French walnut veneer for footing.


This solid lime wood library perfectly fits the rounded shape of a wall behind which hides a St. Gilles screw staircase.

In the design of a curved cabinetry, manual work is even more present, as each element must be adjusted and finished by hand.

Matter: Lime wood, plywood cintrable.


A set of contemporary objects on the theme "around the table" uses the work of traditional cabinetry in the form of inlays of decorative elements of veneer or solid wood.

This refined set of glass bottoms, knife holders and bottle holders will decorate your festive tables in an original way.

Matter: French walnut wood, veneer and boxwood, pear, sycamore, ebony.