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Our eco-responsible approach

Woodworking and protecting the environment are two inseparable elements for BOIS-
Co. It is for this reason that the artisanal company is committed to sustainable development. On its scale, BOIS -Co
is committed to a number of issues:

  • Short circuits: a partnership with local suppliers or companies.
  • A rigorous selection of material (country essences, woods from sustainably managed forests, wood if possible for natural drying).
  • The use of low-emission composite panels.
  • The possibility of replacing industrial panels composed by wood panels in kitchens, bathrooms, dressing rooms…
  • The completion of all the manufacturing steps in our workshop.
  • The use of finishing products with reduced rates of fumes.
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The management and recycling of more than 90% of the waste from our manufactures.
This is thanks to the investment in wood heating and pulsed air chips, suitable for woodworking and carpentry workshops.
BOIS and Co offers a unique experience. Your projects are designed and designed in an eco-responsible approach.

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