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Space optimization

Optimisation d'espace

Our interior is our nest, it must be comfortable, functional and comforting.

Whether we are alone, as a couple, a large family or recomposed… Whether we live in a house, an apartment, a loft, a studio or a tiny house, this interior has to adapt to our most diverse lifestyle choices.

In some cases, our interior has a dual job, professional and personal. Your wish is to adapt, transform or separate all or part of your interior in order to create a space dedicated to your activity. 


Then, when your work time is over, you want to find that space that has been a time adapted to your profession in personal living space.

We can work with you to find the best solutions for your business. Design fittings and/or furniture to optimize and simplify this transformation of a place, simply from a private space to a professional space and vice versa.



For example, the BOIS-co workshop worked on furniture dedicated to a nursery assistant activity. The aim was to adapt certain areas in a living room furniture set to an early childhood trade.

The BOIS-Co workshop can help you make your life easier by accompanying you in your project of space optimization or/and clever storage.